You. Yes, you!

Are you sure or certain about where are we going? You sure, Nikhil? Someone whispered. Don’t guess who but feel. We live our lives looking at life through the window. Isn’t it? A reflection of everything we want to be, everything we want to achieve[…]

Who Are You?

I sometimes think, it’s not always degrees matter, I sometimes think, it’s not always the money you earn, I sometimes think, it’s not always what you wear, I sometimes think, it’s not always you are you, what they actually think of you. You are a[…]


I don’t have a wish to be liked by everyone, You know me well, that’s enough, The good knows me so good and the bad knows me bad, People know me just as per their need and head. Life is beautiful yet interesting, evenings aren’t[…]

Tea Talks

I just got a bit late today for my evening walk after work but as usual the weather was calling out different names in the form of loud sounds; Thunderstorms! Not again, I have to go for the evening walk. Dressed up with sport attire[…]

The Thread

A true relationship is two imperfect couple refusing to give up on each other. Life is not being famous, rich, popular or perfect. It is about how real you are, humble, loyal and kind. Rest everything comes cooked up and more pretending with a fake[…]

The warmth

They’d met after a long time, this season, they both were enjoying the weather, the cosines, maybe they wanted to see each other right next or curling around. They actually missed each other a lot; the warmth and the affection came along. They thought it’s[…]