(De) Light

I saw the same light, Which lasted with full delight, Was it the same kite, Which took the same flight? I asked the sunlight, To give me a good site, It replied with the same sight, Exactly that of a moonlight. Our life is full[…]

Tea Talks

I just got a bit late today for my evening walk after work but as usual the weather was calling out different names in the form of loud sounds; Thunderstorms! Not again, I have to go for the evening walk. Dressed up with sport attire[…]

Flowing thoughts

I started my morning with a sip of tea and fresh air amidst the woods, greeting the birds, meeting fellow morning walkers, dogs and cats. There is a sense of belonging when you are immersed with such a surrounding and flow of thoughts. I saw[…]

Multiple Childhood

Children have represented the future prolongation of our societies and therefore have been taught to replicate the material and intellectual conditions that are considered to survival. How we think and understand children matters inordinately because our views and theories affect how societies engage with children[…]